What to wear

Refer to the picture for easy reference for Ballet classes. Pink ballet slippers, Black tap shoes, Double check if you are not sure. Get everything with a little room to grow. Same color attached skirts are absolutely okay!!

Mommy & Me littles in comfy two pieces so leotards and tights don't pose an emergency situation!!

Adults in leggings and comfy tops!  Everyone happy & beautiful!!

When we start

Registration is NOW

Spots are limited to keep classes small but mighty! Placement auditions are by appointment for new dancers coming to us with experience. The schedule will be adding more classes in the coming weeks as others fill so call to inquire about days and times and waiting lists.  Recitals and other important dates will be set well in advance for everyone to plan and participate! 

What if we can't make a class

There are several times during the week that offer make up times in case you get the sniffles or can't make the regularly scheduled class or because some school even conflicts. Inclement weather will dictate if we are safe to open but let's not think about that TOO SOON!!!

Siblings & Multiple Class discounts

We offer class discounts for multiple classes and for siblings...ask us what applies, we are happy to show you!!

No Nos & Safety Rules...

Just a few...and they are pretty obvious. 

No gum = no choking

No food or colored drinks... Water is BEST

Hair up in bun for dance class . Moms ...you can wear your hair anyway you wish, you earn it everyday!

No running around, I myself have already slipped on that parachute on the floor just walking on it! Be careful!!

No hanging on the barres... but we already know that!!! They are for dancing not gymnastics!

No kissing, touching, or leaning or crashing into the mirrors...yuck!

Mommys...We love when you observe class but we prefer when distractions are kept to a minimum. We are the teachers during class and you are the discipline before and after class. Helping us make the class safe, enjoyable and educational for everyone

 is greatly appreciated.

Tips for first time 'rinas before class...

Consider reaching out for us if you have a very shy dancer. We can arrange a first time meet and greet to alleviate any possible fears and jitters.  First time dancers need to know what to expect and what is expected. New friends, a new teacher, certain safety and school rules, and music and lots of new stuff all at once can be overwhelming for anyone! Let us help ! Come by and visit before class begins and let them become familiar with the place so that first day is not so scary!  

Still not sure ?? Contact us for a free trial class. 

Pricing Monthly Tuition**

**COMPETITION fees and costs, Private Lessons and Birthday Parties are separate from Tuition.